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Check out our short video and see how we roll. 

Do you have the skills

A quick run down

in a nut shell!

At Firestrike we have taken aspects from games like Call Of Duty and developed a new acivity. Each player will enter one of our themed rooms. When ready, hitting the large red button will start your time, you must then complete the course shooting all ten targets and race back to hit the button again and stop your time. Each player will get multiple attempts to beat their score and compete for the leaderboard. Then just as you really get into it we will change you to a new theme, new weapon and new challenges. You all thought go karting or axe throwing was competitive?
This is where the real rivalry begins.

Think you have the skills???


Each shooting lane will allow you and your friends to compete against each other to shoot all 10 targets in record time. Sounds simple but each second is precious when your friends are up next. Each theme is designed to test your aim, movement and technique.


Step inside the gulag and test your aim with a pistol or take on the shoothouse and show us what you have got with an assault rifle.
Each lane has a different weapon to suit the theme, BUT you are welcome to bring your own airsoft weapons aswell.


We are lucky to be blessed with some awesome weapons. but thankfully we do have some kid friendly weapons aswell which means we can run birthdays for as young as 8 years old or multi-generation games. Where else does son dad and grandad get to go shooting together?


We provide the guns and equipment 

This should answer some of the main questions we get but i highly recommend reading our FAQ page for loads more answers or give us a call/email. We are happy to help.

Pricing, Times and group sizes

Pricing starts at £20 per person and this includes all equipment hire. Unfortunately we do not have a reduced rate for customers bringing their own weapons. Total time will be up to an hour and a half but may be slightly shorter if you have been before.
Each lane can hold upto 6 players.

The groups we get

Anyone who has played our other activities will know we strive to cater for everyone. Firestrike is no different!
Whatever your event, we can make it happen.
**Date night**
**Stags and Hens**
**Birthday parties (8 years plus)**
**Corporate events** 
**Airsoft enthusiasts**
You name it we will run it 


We take safety very seriously here, Thankfully we have no reason to shoot each other in firestrike BUT we do use some badass weapons so your safety is priority which means you will be required to complete a safety briefing before you start. We have a full risk assesment and insurance for anyone who needs a copy and are happy to answer any concerns you may have.

Opening 4th Sept


Whats included

At Firestrike we want you to get the best bang for your buck. We charge a rate of £20 per person.  This gives you access to two shooting lanes, each lane will last approximately 30 mins, add in a short briefing and sign in time. All in around 1.5 hours. 

The Gulag…

Yes you read that right. We really have built a small version of  the Gulag. Armed with only a pistol, you must enter the gulag and take out 10 targets to set your score. 


A half built building with all sorts of targets hidden away. WAIT… did that one just move? Assault rifle over your shoulder, should be a doddle to hit ten targets right?

Times and scores

When you arrive we will ask you to make a quick account which will give you access to all of your times via our website members page. This means you don’t need to remember your best times. Our system has you covered.


We are currently building two more lanes. I mean we can’t leave out shotguns and SMGs right?
More info coming soon…


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